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This page provides access to some useful tools.


CmapTools is a concept mapping program that runs on Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

LifeMap (includes the user manual)
LifeMap is a full featured concept mapping program for the Macintosh. It also creates Vee Diagrams. Custom programming is available.

LifeMap and CmapTools can exchange data with each other.

CMAP Version 1 & 2 with User Manual (CMAP1-2-UserManual.sit)

CMAP is a basic concept mapping program for the Macintosh. It requires less memory than LifeMap, but CMAP sometimes crashes. If you do use CMAP, save two copies of your documents every time you save, just to be safe.

CMAP is an old program that has been superceded by the above, but we are keeping it available for now.

TabbyCat 1.0

TabbyCat is a table conversion utility. It takes the space separated tables produced by various statistical analysis programs and converts them into tab delimited tables so that you can easily format and manipulate your data.

Common Ground MiniViewer - Macintosh

Common Ground MiniViewer - Windows

A Common Ground Viewer is needed to view the articles in the Third Misconceptions Proceedings and some of the other publications in our collection in their original Digital Paper/Common Ground format. These MiniViewers are free. There is also a full viewer, which used to require purchase, but the company that made it is defunct. The Common Ground Viewers only work in older operating systems like Mac OS 9 and older versions of Windows. These viewers are no longer needed for the modernized versions of the MLRG publications, but we are keeping these Common Ground viewers available for now.

Link to StuffIt Expander (version 4.0)

To decompress compressed files located on this server, you need StuffIt Expander version 4.0. Just in case your version is out of date, we have provided a link to Aladdin Systems web site. You no longer need to decompress files to view modern PDF format MLRG articles. Back in the day, web server space was so expensive that compressing the files was the only way to make them available. Today this is no longer the case.

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